CLEFeHealth2013 Task 3 Evaluation Package

The CLEFeHealth 2013 Task 3 Evaluation Package contains data used for the User-centred health information retrieval Shared task at the CLEFeHealth Lab conducted in 2013, with an emphasis on multilingual and multimodal information. (Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum).

The package contains a collection of medical-related documents, guidelines provided to the participants, queries generated by medical professionals, a set of manual relevance assessments, the official results obtained by the participants and working notes papers.

The collection consists of a set of medical-related documents, provided by the KHRESMOI project. This collection contains documents covering a broad set of medical topics, and does not contain any patient information. The documents in the collection come from several online sources, including Health On the Net organization certified websites, as well as well-known medical sites and databases (e.g. Genetics Home Reference,